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Xylo - Xylophone Fun


Xylo is a 8 note colour coded Xylophone for Android devices, featuring the Cutie Monsters. Kids can easily learn and have fun playing the classic melodies contain in this app.All the songs in this app use eight notes only, The keyboard starts with number 1 on your left and ends with number 8 on your right. This is a great introduction for kids to the C major scale (which consists of the pitches C, D, E, F, G, A, and B. Its key signature has no flats or sharps.)
Kids can match the coloured number keys laid out on the song sheet above the keys and use their ear to play the rhythm correctly.
As an alternative to playing the songs, you and your kids can have fun just playing the Xylophone. Making up music as you go, you can hit two or more notes at the same time to get some interesting results.
Songs included:
• Mary Had a Little Lamb• Ring Around the Rosie• Row Your Boat• This Old Man• Pop Goes The Weasel• Jingle Bells• The Mulberry Bush